The state clears its intentions about the “help” that it is willing to give to the refugees. A few hours ago the head of the police department arrived at “Platanos” camp and informed us that after the order that the deputy mayor George Katsanos gave to them, we have to rip down all the winter protection that we have build, otherwise the police men “will do it for us” tomorrow morning.
Few days after the new deal between Greece and Frontex and the clearly illegal decision for immediate deportation for the refugees that are coming from Africa, without any ability to seek for asylum as the Geneva Convention provides (article 33), the state chooses to attack the fullest and the only camp which provides help to these people that are forced to become refugees, for the beginning of October. At the same time official organizations and associate forces are standing completely inactive with the only exception when the spotlights are near them.
We call all our fellow citizens who understand and espouse our basic principles of self organization, of solidarity and dignity, to support with their presence this fight that we give in Platanos all this time, so we can continue to offer to these people the ability to remain humans with dignity and dreams for a new life.
This will be followed by a more complete information about the events that took place at camp “Platanos”.



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