List of needs of Platanos


Platanos Self-Organized Structures for the refugees
in Skala Sikaminias
, Lesvos


Upd. 24.12..2015

Shipping address :

Self-Organized Structure of Platanos (Αυτοοργανωμένη δομή Πλατάνου).
Skala Sikamineas
81104 Lesvos
Tel. (+30) 6940 615084




Concerning the clothing needs – especially winter type – there is and there will be a need during the whole time of the project.

Please do prioritise:

Men’s shoes 39-43

Women’s shoes 36-40

Women’s and men’s pants and track pants

Men’s jackets (small and medium sizes)

Kids coats

Pants 4-12 years

All ages gloves and hats (especially for 0-4)

All ages socks and underwear


We would kindly ask all those who intend to send clothes to separate them in a simple way and label them [ eg. “Male Trousers” or “Female Coats” ] -we lose a lot of time and energy when we need to do the separation ourselves!

It would also help a lot if shoes could be put in pairs with tape or just tying the shoelaces together, and to mark on the tape the number of the shoes.




Styrofoam glasses

Kitchen paper

Large trash bags

Baby wipes and antibacterial wipes

Gas stoves
Batteries AA, AAA, 3D, 4D

Rope (5mm < )

Plastic working gloves

Gaffer and packing tapes
Fluorescent orange/red/white vests
Battery driven storm lamps
Solar rechargeable lights
Long Range Binoculars

Thermal Scope / Binoculars
Indelible markers

Food and feeding Supplies

Tomato canned juice
Canned food [ not with pork of any type ]
Jam / Marmelade
Nutella / Merenda
Juices [ small packages ]
Milk [ not condensed ]
Coffee [ turkish/arabic and instant ]
Sugar [ 1kg packages and small portions ]
Sesame bars (pastelia)


Medical Needs

An updated list of needs will be published shortly


Please also keep in mind that Platanos is only based on donations from you people of solidarity, so please feel free to contact us and be informed about all the possible ways of donating to Platanos.





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