About the «accreditation hunting» in Lesvos


To whom it may concern.
As people of solidarity who have been operating for three months at the Platanos self-organized structure for refugee reception at Skala Sykamnias, and prompted by the arrival in the last few days of an accreditation hunt on the NE Aegean islands, we want to avoid any misunderstandings by making our position towards this game of impressions clear.
The structure of Platanos is an endeavour based on the principles of self-organization, solidarity and dignity.
We describe ourselves as self-organized because no political party, business or organization is standing behind us; all decisions and actions arise from open public assemblies and the responsibility of their implementation is shared equally. Mistakes are corrected collectively and every success is shared collectively. There are no leaders, only coordinators that are appointed by the assembly and alternated periodically. Above all the responsibility of the presence of everyone here is a clear, conscious, individual choice, not dictated by a governmental organisation or any other plan.
We act in Solidarity because we are here to give active support to refugees and migrants arriving from the opposite shore; recognising the injustice that pushed them to this choice and not to draw surplus humanitarian value from the pain of ”these poor people” or exert politics on their backs, or worse, on their dead bodies.
We make the conscious choice of grassroots solidarity and networking in contrast with both the current dictates of a society that demands philanthropic consumers and inhumane workers, and with the ruling class and the suffering it causes.
We act in dignity because we choose to stand beside them in a human, not humanitarian way. We recognise the other’s existence when our eyes meet and the need to treat them with the dignity they deserve, acknowledging the causes that led them to this point and promising not to stop fighting against those causes.
We are against the easy humanitarian approach that averts its gaze from the real cause of the problem and in complacency hides behind phoney charities and «good deeds» that numb your conscience.
These are the principles through which it is made clear that our action so far, and as long as our forces allow us to continue, will remain without guardians and be uncompromising against the dictates of the killer states and their executive bodies – in or out of uniform.
It is therefore natural that any scheme for our legitimisation through associations, organizations and any other legal entities leaves us completely indifferent, since this condition is already achieved in everyone’s conscience.
It has been achieved through the selfless support that we receive from thousands of people around the world, demonstrated through their participation and endorsement, and through the recognition of the struggle that has been withstood all these months and its dissemination.
At the same time the state remains completely indifferent to providing assistance to these people while wasting thousands of resources to shift the responsibilities of its absence to those who rushed to replace it.
Self-organization is an act that fits neither in the system’s registries, nor of course in the narrow framework of politicians that access everything through statutes. It is a continuous experiment which through its development and dissemination searches for the realisation of a free, consciously defined society; to each according to his needs, from everyone according to their capabilities.
Solidarity is not an accreditable product nor a theoretical discussion, but an act that is recognisable through its support and continuation.
Dignity is not negotiated in the halls of the courts and ruling institutions, but is determined through the daily struggle against injustice that these same institutions impose.
These are the principles of Platanos, and with these we will continue to move on, as long as the structure remains alive.
Self-organized Structure Platanos, Skala Sykamnias, 2016



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