I am no hero


I’m no hero. Nothing I did here deserves special recognition or distinction. When I come back I don’t want praise, congratulations or thanks.
Lesbos is a jolt to the soul, body and heart. It makes you more aware of the harsh reality (one of the many that exist), one understands and lives alongside the refugee crisis, drama, war, imperialism. Here you became stronger, and hopefully, infinitely more compassionate and » humanized » (although I no longer have clear sense of humanity * , we are beasts who commit atrocities on a daily basis, insensitive to others’ pain, immune to the misfortunes we cause to others by action or omission).
I am no longer looking at the the Turkish horizon but am still in the fight – from the other side of the Mediterranean – for a more empathetic, fraternal, self-organized, libertarian and worthy future full of solidarity for everyone.




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